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The 2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL


Lake Champlain view

For updated Information see the State of Vermont's Restoring Lake Champlain web page.

The States of Vermont and New York jointly developed a Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL after a multi-year process that included lake modeling analyses, numerous public informational meetings, and responses to public comments. The states submitted the TMDL to the EPA for approval, and the EPA approved the Lake Champlain TMDL in 2002. The 2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL included a detailed implementation plan for Vermont, which was revised and updated in 2010.

In response to a federal lawsuit filed by the Conservation Law Foundation, the EPA reconsidered its previous approval of the 2002 Lake Champlain TMDL and disapproved the Vermont portion of the TMDL in January 2011. Under federal law, upon such disapproval, the EPA is responsible for establishing a new TMDL to implement the applicable water quality standards. The EPA initiated the process of developing a new TMDL for Lake Champlain in 2011, in cooperation with the State of Vermont. Information about the process for developing a new TMDL is available on the EPA’s Lake Champlain TMDL webpage.

2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL (pdf, 1,066 KB)
DEC response to public comments on the draft 2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL (pdf, 151 KB)
2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL Vermont submittal letter (pdf, 92 KB)
EPA approval letter for the 2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL (pdf, 96 KB)
Lake modeling analysis for the 2002 Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL (pdf, 912 KB)
2010 Revised Implementation Plan for the Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL (pdf, 925 KB)

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